Pallet delivery and new weight graduation in price list

Dear all,
we would like to inform you on new changes and possiblities in City Express.


We are glad to have the opportunity to inform you that the company City Express doo, from repeated analysis of the market and seeking ways to provide our clients needs, decided to offer a new range of delivery services in the Republic of Serbia.

This service will be available for all clients, from 15.09.2011.

For additional information regarding the new service, please contact us by email:

We hope that in the future we will continue to improve good relation and cooperation with our clients, through a wide range of services, and that we will strengthen the position of packet delivery leader in Serbia.


We would like to inform you that from 01.09.2011. there will be a change in a price list for the first weight category.

The first category for shipments up to 1kg, will be divided into two categories:

1. up to 0.5 kg
2. 0.5kg up to 1 kg

Price for the first category will remain unchanged, and for the rest of price lists for items over 1kg. Price for the second category, based on the standard price list, is 220 rsd, VAT and fuel surcharge not included..

Any additional information regarding the services is available on our website:

Also we would like to thank you on your successful cooperation and trust, that will be continued in the future to our mutual satisfaction.

SMS track & trace – new prices

Dear users,

SMS tracking service price is changed.
New prices are presented in GROSS amount (all taxes included).

Prices (mobile operator dependent):
VIP: 8,26din
MTS: 10,86din
Telenor: 11,80din
Service price charges your mobile phone account.
Please notice, that service is charged even if you enter wrong shipment number.

How to use:
Please send SMS message containing text PAK XXXXXXXX to number 3344.
All parcels are labeled with 16 digit number:
688001XXXXXXXXYY. In SMS message, please enter only 8 digit number instead of XXXXXXXX.
Please enter empty character between PAK and XXXXXXXX.

Service is available in Serbia only.